Curvature of the Earth (Photo: Antonino Vara/Wikimedia)

Fishes don’t care for borders

The orientation of fair-fish is fundamentally international. Overfishing, disregard for fish welfare and unfair fish trade are global problems. Even in countries that catch or breed small quantities of fish themselves - as fish is being consumed there too.

Fish is one of the most important trade goods of all. In terms of value, about half of the fish eaten worldwide today comes from the global south.

Inconsiderate treatment of fish is the rule in virtually all cultures. Most people on all continents still see fish and other aquatic animals as biomass and not as sentient beings.

fair-fish is open to cooperation with like-minded people worldwide.


Broad network

fair-fish international, based in Switzerland, cooperates with numerous organisations and individuals around the globe.

Our research group is based in Portugal and has staff in Spain, Italy, Brazil, Germany and Switzerland. Members of our Scientific Advisory Board are based in Australia, Spain and the USA. We are in constant contact with friendly organisations in the UK, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany, among others. At our annual Summer Shoal and the courses of the FishEhoGroup we exchange ideas with experts from science and practice from many countries.

In this way we complement and deepen knowledge and at the same time disseminate it—for the benefit of the fish.