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Small and efficient organisation

We intentionally keep our structure small. There are currently eight members with voting power. This allows us to discuss decisions in a small circle and make them quickly. In this way, we are able to set things in motion behind which one would suspect a larger organisation. We owe our success to generous donors who have been following our work for years and trust us to do great things.

Based in Switzerland

Sometimes we are asked why an organisation committed to the oceans and their creatures is at home in landlocked Switzerland of all places.
The fact that fair-fish international is based in Switzerland has historical reasons. Later, it turned out to be a lucky choice—because founding and tax exemption of an association in another European country would involve a lot of bureaucracy, i.e. administrative effort at the expense of the donations entrusted to us.
Incidentally, Swiss fish consumption is similar to the world average; but around 95 per cent of fish comes from imports. This was reason enough to start our work in Switzerland more than twenty years ago.