Drawing: Kasia Jackowska

When do fishes feel well?

Fishes are living beings that, like cats, dogs, chickens, pigs and all others, can experience suffering and joy.

When caught, fishes suffer from the beginning of their captivity in the net or on the hook until their usually agonising death.

In aquaculture, the fish suffer from the first day of life under confinement and boredom until their death, which in most cases is no less painful.

fair-fish is committed to minimising suffering and creating species-appropriate living conditions.

Does it hurt the fish?

Whether fishes feel pain was the hotly debated question for years.
Today, with the exception of a few researchers, scientists agree: Yes, fishes do consciously perceive pain and learn to avoid situations associated with pain.

The crucial question, however, revolves around the well-being of fishes: Can they live under conditions that suit their species? Or do they suffer because they are denied these conditions?

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