Pirogue with hand-liners off Kayar, Senegal. (Photo: Studer/fair-fish)

“Fair fishes” from Senegal

From 2004 to 2010, fair-fish worked together with artisanal fishermen in Senegal to establish an export of fish to Europe. Three goals were to be fulfilled with this project, under a certification scheme which is still unique today:

  • Animal welfare in fishing: short catch duration, immediate stunning and killing.
  • Fair trade in fish, also an unresolved problem to this day
  • Sustainability of fishing and protection of the marine environment

The project had to be discontinued in 2010, as no trade partner in Europe was willing to support a gradual build-up. More about the project in the fair-fish book.


Still keeping in touch

To this day, fair-fish maintains contacts with fishermen's circles in Senegal. For example, we support their resistance against the sale of fish stocks to European and Asian fishing companies. Read more here.


Our video from Senegal, produced together with the local people, shows the seriousness of the situation.