Fish stall in France (Photos: Thomas Schwager)

Help with shopping/ordering

We assess your possible choice according to the following criteria:

  • How healthy is the fish stock in question?
  • How little is the environment affected?
  • How great is the suffering of the fish?
  • Does the fish carry a label?
  • How often do you consume fish?

Edible Fish Consumption

How much or little fish should I eat? Get the study!

Step by step to the best choice

You want to know if the fish you want to buy in the shop or order in the restaurant is okay?

Step by step, you receive an assessment in the FishTest: Red? Yellow? Green? Or even light blue, because you not only make a "green" choice but also reduce your fish consumption?

Fish counter at Harrods in London

The development of our FishTest has so far been supported by: Foundation Edith Maryon, Temperatio Foundation, OceanCare, Avina Foundation, Lyn Guhl Foundation and Uniscientia Foundation. Many thanks!
With further support we will be able to expand the FishTest in he future.

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